Pine Belt businesses gear up for Super Bowl Sunday

Pine Belt businesses gearing up for Super Bowl Sunday

PINE BELT, MS (WDAM) - Super Bowl Sunday is just a few hours away and local restaurants were in full swing getting ready for the big game. Buffalo Wild Wings is one that is expecting a large crowd.

"It's Superbowl, so regardless of who’s in it we are probably going to fill up and be busy. We are expecting to fill up pretty quickly and get a lot of to-go orders too,” said Gabby Gara, Assistant Manager at BWW

BWW will have a beer truck set up outside as well as a projector set up with the game. Employee's say they know many customers will be disappointed the Saints didn't make it to the game, but they have a way to make watching the game just a little be more fun.

"We are actually doing to be our employee's and our managers can be saints gear to make that a little bit more fun for everybody that doesn't really want to watch the game. People are still going to come out for it so, either way, we are excited,” explained Gara.

Many people will also be having watch parties at their homes with family, friends, and of course crawfish. That's where the South Mississippi Crawfish Company comes in.

"This being the first big event of crawfish season, everybody wants it for family gatherings or friend gatherings or whatever they are doing with their parties for the Superbowl. Crawfish is just an easy coloration,” said Paul Sims, South MS Crawfish Co. Owner:

Sims said crawfish brings a social aspect to any super bowl party.

"People want to have the Superbowl parties with their friends and family and be involved with whatever group they are a part of. That being a big event that’s easy to do, crawfish is kind of a natural fit for those kinds of things,” explained Sims.

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