Letter alleges police brutality in Columbia Police Department

“We cannot substantiate any of the statements that were made in this letter,” said Chief Kelly.
Updated: Jan. 31, 2019 at 11:08 PM CST
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COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - Bombshell allegations surface in the city of Columbia regarding protocol, procedure and overall police department culture.

Several questions have been raised after a letter from a police officer to the police chief was leaked to the public

That letter alleges the abuse of a man and questionable police procedures.

We went straight to the chief of the department about the letter.

He confirmed that he’d received it months ago and he investigated the allegations himself.

“We cannot substantiate any of the statements that were made in this letter,” said Chief Kelly.

In the letter, the officer alleges a man was zip tied to a pole and hit with a yard stick so hard that it broke.

The letter also claims the man had chair legs placed on his feet as someone sat in the chair and his life was threatened with a gun.

The letter also alleges an officer, while searching for the man, was instructed not to call out to dispatch because officers wanted to “deal with him.”

Another statement from a different police officer within the department supported the allegations in the letter.

We presented that statement to Chief Kelly, and he said it brought new information to light concerning his investigation.

“This letter that you presented to me today does raise questions that I would want answered,” Chief Kelly said.

That statement alleges that the same individual reference in the letter “was hardly able to stand up and walk” after being in police custody.

The officer added that the man wasn’t in that condition before his encounter with police.

“The reason why there’s been no action is because there was no sufficient evidence for there to be action. I certainly believe that by you presented this to me we are obligated to take a second look at it. We’re obligated to and we certainly will,” said Chief Kelly.

We asked Chief Kelly if he would consider turning over this investigation to the state and he’s not ruling that out at this time.

In a conversation with WDAM, the police chief did say he is looking further into the allegations and wants to hear from anyone in the community who will come forward with more information.

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