William Carey baseball ready for 2019 season

William Carey baseball ready for 2019 season

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - William Carey’s 2019 baseball journey begins on Thursday afternoon against Missouri Baptist.

The Crusaders return from a 36-25 season in which they hosted the opening round of the NAIA tournament for the second straight year.

Carey is just two years removed from its first NAIA College World Series appearance since 1978. Ever since tasting that success, the Crusaders have been fighting to get back.

"It seems like year number two or three,” said head coach Bobby Halford, who’s entering his 34th season as the leader of Carey baseball. “Every year it’s a fun thing to do, that’s why I keep doing it. As we long as we can make a run at that national [tournament]. Every year that’s staring us in the face with that ’69 [World Series] team. They won it, 50-year reunion this year. They set the benchmark very high. Every year that's something we talk about, let's do it again."

"We’ve had a lot of success the past several years so we won’t to keep that going,” said senior pitcher Devin Smith. “We don't want to be the team that ruins the streak."

“You work all year in the hot, in the fall,” said junior catcher Jake Smith. “Then when it comes to winter time, you’re itching for it to start. Since it’s finally here, it’s big. We’re excited.”

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