Technology helping Hattiesburg seniors stay active

Technology helping Hattiesburg seniors stay active

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Entering your golden years doesn’t mean fun and an active lifestyle stops, especially if you have some help from the latest technology. That’s the case for the residents of Bedford Care Center Monroe Hall in Hattiesburg.

Robert Perry, administrator at Bedford Care Center Monroe Hall, said he and the staff are seeing a lighter side from the residents thanks to some digital help.

“It’s a computer system that actually takes the residents back to where they want to be and it engages them in to stopping behaviors, helping them emotionally and physically,” Perry said.

He said the system is called myiN2L, by It’s Never 2 Late. The program engages the residents with games, their own family stories and pictures, music, virtual travel and therapy. It’s mental, physical and emotional stimulation at the touch of the screen.

“Music was one of them where they are up and they are dancing," Perry said. "We have bubbles that you can pop that really relieves them in stressful situations. We have gorgeous sceneries that they can see. And some [that were in] the military, they can take trips and go back to that day in time when they were actually in the military.”

Perry said he sees the computer system making a positive difference in the residents every day.

“We see that it helps with reducing falls," Perry said. "We see it reducing their behaviors, we see it reducing the time that they have to take some medicine for sleep time. They are wearing themselves out a little bit more.”

Perry said this new technology is proving it’s never too late to get active and enjoy the little things one scroll or click at a time.

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