Rough roads ruffle feathers in Laurel

Rough roads ruffle feathers in Laurel

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - Some Laurel citizens are frustrated with the road conditions across the city.

Laurel Mayor Johnny Magee is speaking out on social media, addressing those concerns and explaining what the city plans to do to improve road conditions.

“Me myself, I had a busted tire because of one of the roads here. I don't think they are doing too much about it,” said Curtis Taylor.

"I actually hit a pot hole the other day going down 5th Avenue. I thought I had busted my tire,” said Tomeka Bowie.

The City of Laurel wants its citizens to know their complaints about the road conditions are not being ignored.

Magee posted a message on the city’s Facebook page attempting to “offer some clarity on the street situation.”

The post goes into detail about how much money it would take to pave all the roads in the city, as well as the steps the city is taking to get them fixed.

Some think the city isn't doing enough.

“It’s really bad. We've got a lot of potholes. If you ask me, my opinion, I don't think they are really going to do any good on fixing the roads, because they've been bad for a long time now. I know well over a year. I don't think it should take that long to fix the roads,” said Taylor.

“If you were trying to do something, it would show. I really don't know, but it's been a long time and repairs need to be done. I don't know what he's actually trying to do,” said Bowie.

“I think the mayor is trying. I don't think he's trying hard enough. I think he is trying, and I hope he does succeed in whatever he's trying to do, but like I said, these roads have been messed up for a very, very long time,” said Latarsha Dace.

Magee’s post goes on to explain that the city does have a plan to fix the roads, but it will take time to execute.

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