Authorities urge caution for drivers during winter weather

Authorities urge caution for drivers during winter weather

PINE BELT (WDAM) - With wintry weather expected to bring snow into the Pine Belt for the first time this season, law enforcement officials are warning drivers of what to expect.

“The biggest challenges for us, as we know in south Mississippi, is driving on ice. We’re not used to it,” said Travis Luck of the Mississippi Highway Patrol.

Officials are predicting freezing temperatures Tuesday and below freezing temperatures Tuesday night, which could be bad news for drivers.

“We want all drivers to be mindful of what we have coming as afar as weather," Luck said. "We know freezing temperatures are going to cause roadways to become icy and slippery.”

Luck said to avoid driving in this weather if you can.

“We want all of our motorist to not be on the roadways if at all possible," Luck said. “If you have nowhere to be specifically, just remain at home or remain stationary.”

And as usual in winter weather, officials suggest that drivers be mindful of not only their driving but other drivers as well.

“We ask them to just keep the weather conditions in mind. Slow down, buckle up, because the road conditions are going to be unsafe,” Luck said.

Typically, icy roads cause more accidents than normal throughout the Pine Belt.

“Usually they do start occurring more with these types of conditions just due to the weather conditions, the ice, the rain, the sleet, whatever the causes may be so they do gradually pick up,” said Luck.

The city of Hattiesburg contacted WDAM saying Hattiesburg is at a limited threat for potential snowfall between 4 a.m. and 10 a.m.

The Forrest County 361 Saferoom will be open Monday evening as a warming shelter and will be open through 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

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