Forrest County lowering utility costs in county buildings

Forrest County lowering utility costs in county buildings

FORREST COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The Forrest County Board of Supervisors is planning to save taxpayers' money as it works to reduce utility costs in the county.

Jessica Bowman takes a look at the plan in place to reduce county bills.

“They will remove the ballast and then they will put in the LED,” District 1 Forrest County Supervisor David Hogan said.

Forrest County is going green as it makes a $2.9 million deal to save money. Board President Hogan said the board unanimously approved to move forward with the energy services performance contract with an engineering company out of Jackson. He said the plan is simple.

“What this company will do is go throughout our some odd 60 buildings, replace the current light bulbs with low wattage LED lighting," Hogan said. "We will be retrofitting all of our plumbing fixtures to low usage fixtures.”

The changes will make the county more energy efficient. Hogan said the performance-based contracts are backed by the Mississippi Development Authority.

“They will also put controls on our HVAC systems that will better control our air temperatures in all of our buildings, especially when nobody is occupying those buildings,” Hogan said.

Ultimately, saving taxpayers millions of dollars.

“It’s based on a 15-year performance," Hogan said. "Over that 15 years we will see a minimum of $4 million in savings and upwards to $5 million in savings. So, it will more than pay for itself. Then of course, those savings will continue onto the years that follow.”

The $2.9 million project will come from financing and money from the county’s general fund.

Hogan said the project is expected to start in the spring and should be complete by the end of 2019.

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