School buses keeping kids warm

The process behind the scene for bus drivers in the Pine Belt

School buses keeping kids warm

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - Early in the morning, one thing that isn’t fun to battle is the cold breeze at the bus stop. One Petal School District bus driver, Patricia Gleason, keeps that in mind on her route every morning.

“You gotta crank your bus, you gotta get here early,” Gleason said. “Crank it get it warm, go get the babies, when it’s really cold outside, we don’t expect them to be standing by the road so we give them enough time to get to the bus."

To keep the bus warm, there’s a process to it. First thing in the morning each school bus must get a visual inspection to check the air pressure in each tire and the fuel level in the gas tank. Assistant superintendent of the Petal School District Andy Schoggin said that it is a checklist to consider before pulling off in the morning.

“They’ll get a visual inspection of the bus and while they’re doing this, the bus is running and warming up,” said Schoggin.

Overall, the Petal School District has two types of bus routes, one that’s inside the city limits and the other expands into the county areas.

“Some of us start earlier, we’re going to be picking up kids 6:10 a.m. and so by that time, the bus is warm,” said Schoggin.

Gleason recommends that each child have a jacket on during the cold weather in the morning.

“When we have temperatures that are below freezing, we’re going to be a little bit longer in our routes but that’s okay because what that does is allow that child to stay in the home instead of having to wait directly at that bus stop,” Schoggin said.

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