Pine Grove clinical director reaching those ready for sobriety

Pine Grove clinical director reaching those ready for sobriety

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - This week is National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week. It’s usually a time to educate individuals about the pit falls of drugs and alcohol, but Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services Clinical Director of the Next Step Men’s Program said he would rather focus on reaching those who are ready to learn something different: sobriety.

Director John Herrington said whether you are battling addiction or someone you love is, the first thing to know about sober living is that there is always hope and there is always help.

“There are people who want to help you, so if you are just willing to reach out you’re gonna find a hand on the other side," Herrington said. "A lot of people get to that point, people talk about being sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

Herrington said another step to sober living if you are struggling with addiction is reaching out.

“People talk about having a moment of clarity, right, in active addiction, and so reaching out during that moment and making that phone call just to somebody," Herrington said. "If I don’t know the number somewhere, calling a parent, calling a sister, calling someone.”

He said if your loved one needs help, approach them with love, care and concern, but you have to be willing to set boundaries not only for them but for yourself.

“I’m willing to help you get to treatment, I’m willing to help you find an AA group, I’m willing to help you in that way," Herrington said. "So, as long as you are working towards your sobriety I’m willing to do what I can do to help you.”

He said alcohol and drug addiction tends to be a symptom of a bigger problem, an issue that can only be solved with support.

If you are struggling with addiction or you know someone who is you can call Pine Grove at 1-888-574-hope or visit their website.

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