USM Police to train bomb sniffing, tracking dog

USM welcomes new K9 officer

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The University of Southern Mississippi Police Department has a new four-legged police officer, who will soon be walking a beat.

“Myles” is a female Belgian Malinois who turns a year old next week.

She and her handler, Officer Annie Bourgoyne, will undergo three months of intensive training together beginning next week.

Myles will be used for bomb detection and tracking.

Private donations paid for Myles and is funding her training. The donations were made through the USM Foundation.

“We’ll sweep the stadium and everything like that, anything that needs to be swept around campus,” said Bourgoyne. “We’ll do functions, graduations, any kind of tracking, if we need to track a suspect or just we’ve got to find somebody.”

“The world’s in a place now where we need tools to be able to provide the safety that people need and this is just one of those tools that will give UPD the ability to have a safer campus,” said Rusty Keyes, assistant chief for the USM Police Department.

Bourgoyne was paired with Myles when she was just a 7-week-old puppy.

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