Former water association president released on bond after embezzlement charge

Former water association president released on bond after embezzlement charge

MARION COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Now out on a $20,000 bond, Marcus Hull was released from jail on Friday.

“At the conclusion of the investigation, we went back a two-year-period, we found that Marcus Hull had been embezzling approximately $106,599.63,” said Captain Pete Williams with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s office said Hull was using the embezzled funds for personal matters.

“He was paying personal debts, cell bills, satellite type payments, student loans…He was also upgrading ATVs that he owned,” Williams said.

Kenneth Sauls, the current president of the water association, said the thousands of dollars aren’t derived from customer bill payments but from the association’s operating budget.

“Operating costs, the stuff that we pay our employees from the stuff that we buy our equipment with, the stuff that we buy materials if we have a major leak, the materials and patches and pipes and stuff that we buy and have to purchase,” said Sauls.

The funds missing from the budget won’t affect customers’ bills, but they do have to take a stricter approach when it comes to meeting payment deadlines.

“We’re not as laxed as we used to be, but we had to be," Sauls said. “We got bills to pay. We’ve got to pay our employees. We’ve got to pay our power bill and so on and so forth.”

Although the water association is out of much-needed money, they said they’re doing okay for now.

“The way the system’s running, everything’s fine. We’re just running on a shoe string. One major problem could be hurtful,” said Sauls.

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