Saints possess unique position in the playoffs this season, Super Bowl favorite

(Source: WVUE | Mark Lagrange)
(Source: WVUE | Mark Lagrange)(Mark Lagrange)
Updated: Jan. 12, 2019 at 9:12 PM CST
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Playoff experience is a huge factor for the Saints entering this weekend. Unlike last year though, the Black and Gold are the favorites this time around.

“Guys have experienced that atmosphere before. Not necessarily. It’s a little different in a sense that everyone is expecting us to go out and beat the @#8% out of everybody, go win a Super Bowl. Last year, our last playoff game, people were kind of a tossup about it,” said Sheldon Rankins.

The Saints are the betting favorites to win the Super Bowl. Earlier in the week, Coach Payton reminded the team what they’re playing for when he wheeled in the Lombardi Trophy, and $225,000, the amount each player get’s for winning the “Big one.”

“If you saw all that money in front of you, you would get excited too. Anybody would get excited about that. I’m right along with him. If we get it done, I need it all in 20′s in a duffel bag delivered to my door, that’s what I need. Sean does a great job of getting us ready. He knows what buttons to push. How to peak guys interest. For him to do that, and keep guys more excited than they already are to play a playoff game. I think guys are amped up and ready to go,” said Rankins.

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