Salvation Army optimistic about 2019

Salvation Army optimistic about 2019

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - When most of us think of the Salvation Army, we automatically picture someone outside of a store ringing a bell requesting donations.

Though bell ringing is a part of one of their initiatives, the Salvation Army doesn’t just serve around the holidays. They serve year-round.

Although they didn’t meet their $250,000 goal last year, the service will continue.

“We’re standing in a decent position, in a position in which we don’t anticipate having to curb or cut back on any services or programs at this time,” said Patrick Connelly with the Salvation Army.

One of the most important jobs the Salvation Army does around the year is feed the hungry. Because donations are up about 20 percent from last year, the organization can continue feeding families.

“We’ve given out 535 food boxes, so that’s more than three or four a day," Connelly said. “So that demonstrates the severity of food insecurity in our community.”

Connelly said they’ve also kept families out of the dark and warm. They expect to continue to help the community out in that way as well.

“We’ve assisted, I believe at this point, 65 households in just the first quarter with energy assistance to help them heat their homes,” said Connelly.

Officials from the Salvation Army say they’ve kept people in their homes in difficult times and they are continuing that work into 2019.

“Another assistance we provide is rental assistance so if someone is in eviction status with their landlord, they have a three-day pay or quit notice, that is something we can assist someone with,” Connelly said.

Members of the organization remain confident in their ability to continue ‘doing the most good’

“To be able to be a steward of someone else’s kindness is the opportunity we’re given on the daily basis,” said Connelly.

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