Pine Belt GOP, Democrats react to Trump border speech

Pine Belt GOP, Democrats react to Trump border speech

PINE BELT, MS (WDAM) - Prominent Pine Belt Republicans and Democrats are reacting to President Donald Trump’s speech last night on funding for security along the southern border.

Jones County Republican Executive Committee member Ron Swindall is glad the president spoke, but he said the address wouldn’t have been needed if Democrats really supported border security.

“If the Democrats would do what they say they wanted to do in the past, keep the word they said from years and years ago there would have been no reason to have the speech last night," said Swindall. “Bills would have been passed, a wall would have already been built, borders would have been secured, we would have been safer."

Former 4th District Democratic Congressman Ronnie Shows sees it differently.

He said the speech was more about politics than security.

“He’s just doing it to hype his base, because he’s got so many troubles in Congress," Shows said. "He just wants to keep that base solid, where he keeps the Republicans in line because of the primaries they have to go through and that base puts them there.”

Both Swindall and Shows agree that Trump is trying to keep his campaign promise to build a border wall.

“Americans have been so used to having somebody in office that will say they will do something and then, never back it up, that it’s refreshing to see that we have a president who finally will do what he says he will do,” Swindall said.

“It’s a campaign promise and I kind of like a person trying to keep their campaign promise, but it’s rhetoric,” Shows said.

The president is scheduled to visit the southern border Thursday.

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