Forrest Co. Emergency Management gives update on flood damage

Forrest County flood update

FORREST COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Forrest County Emergency Management provided an update on flood damage throughout the county at Monday’s Board of Supervisors meeting.

“There was a significant amount of flash flooding throughout Forrest County," said Board President David Hogan said. "Looks like we will have enough damage to get a federal declaration on the public side, which is the roads and bridges, but we are coming up short on the private side.”

Hogan said it’s important all flood victims report damages to the Forrest County Emergency Management.

“We’ve done roughly 145 damage assessments. That includes Forrest County, the City of Hattiesburg and the City of Petal," said Forrest County Emergency Management Director Glen Moore.

Of the 145 assessments, Moore said it’s determined 27 residents have major damage, 60 with minor and another 59 residents affected.

“We along with several other counties that were affected are gathering these numbers and we are sending them to the state," Moore said. "MEMA will look at these numbers and make a determination if a federal declaration is warranted on the individual citizens side.”

Flooding left a portion of Old Richton Road in Petal closed. During official business, the Board decided to assist the city in making temporary repairs. District 3 Supervisor Burkett Ross said the repairs are immediately needed.

“We are going to assist them, starting hopefully tomorrow, to put that back in order and hopefully open that road back up. And later on, hopefully they will do a major renovation of that,” Ross said.

Moore said the higher number of reports of damage, the greater the chance of receiving the federal declaration.

If you have damage you need to report from the recent flooding you can call the EMD office at 601-544-5911 and someone from its team will come asses the damage.

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