Perry County flooding issues continue

Perry County flooding issues continue

PERRY COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Just days after Perry County Emergency management officials had to make rescues on the other side of River Lot road, several folks still find themselves displaced by theses flood waters.

“I’ve been down here 30 years and that’s the highest I’ve ever seen it," said Chase Anderson, a longtime Perry County resident.

Anderson said the flooding that happened a few days ago caught him and his family off guard forcing them to be rescued from their home. They’ve been displaced for about four days.

“It got up an inch deep up in my house. Floors got soaked, so we’re just here camping out,” Anderson said.

Emergency Management Coordinator Gerry Burns said now that rescues have been performed, an equally critical phase of their job has just begun.

“It’s the recovery. There’s a lot of people with water in their homes or who have had water in their homes,” said Burns.

He’s instructed county residents to clean what they can in their homes and make record of the damages caused by the floods.

“If you can, clean up as best you can if you do have damage," Burns said. “Go ahead and take pictures of everything. Document, document, document is what we’re telling everybody.”

Perry County Sheriff Mitch Nobles advised traveling residents that roads still pose a threat if drivers aren’t careful, even after they’ve been cleared.

“We’re just wanting everybody to drive safe and be careful," Nobles said. “The water is still high, most of it has cleared all of our roadways. Most of them are opened up now. But It’s still a precautionary means.”

Perry County first responders are starting to make their rounds to see what damage has been done and decide what preventative measures they can take to make the frequently flooded area safer for residents.

“Now that the water is starting to go down, we are just mainly doing assessments," Nobles said. “You know, find out what’s been damaged, what we can do next time to put in place to try and help prevent some of this."

County officials are urging residents just to be safe and be mindful of the conditions.

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