Sticking to New Year’s fitness resolutions

Sticking to New Year’s fitness resolutions

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A new year has come and many of us have set new goals to accomplish in 2019.

The staff at Crunch Fitness in Hattiesburg said they’ve seen several new faces and they’re excited about it.

“We’ve seen a lot of people come in wanting to get started early," said Ashley McCaffery of Crunch Fitness. “Right there after Christmas people were like, ‘Okay, New Year’s is right around the corner so let me go ahead and get in here and get a head start on the game.’ Of course, we’ll continue to see more people come in.”

For those of us getting a gym membership for the first time, the process is quite simple.

“It is super simple, you can join online or you could always come in the facility and let us show you around and let us do all the work for you and get you set up for your membership only for a dollar down,” McCaffery said.

Consistency plays a major role in accomplishing your New Year goals, and Mccaffery said it’s about mindset and focus.

“You’ve always got to believe, and you never stop growing so always see those goals in mind and don’t stop for them," McCaffery said. “We’ve got so many different things here set up to help you succeed, whether its personal training or group fitness, whether its high intensity interval training. We’ve got everything you need.”

Another key component critical to success in fitness is accountability.

“It’s a huge deal. The buddy system works, so if you can find a work out partner to help you be consistent more power to you, that’s perfect,” McCaffery said.

Getting to the gym to work out consistently can be a challenge on its own, but most people find that getting their nutrition is the biggest hurdle.

“Seventy percent of the success you see comes from diet and nutrition alone, so you truly can’t have exercise without diet. They go hand-in- hand, you got to have it," said McCaffery.

The staff at Crunch Fitness said they are welcoming all who are on the fitness journey, regardless of the skill level.

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