Son follows father’s footsteps in law enforcement

Son follows father’s footsteps in law enforcement

FORREST COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - After 25 years in law enforcement, Chief Gavin Guy witnessed his son graduate from law enforcement training.

Gavin is the head of the Petal School District Police Department. With a camera in hand, he watched and recorded as his son took another step in achieving his lifelong dream.

“We’d go to police events and he’d always want to go with daddy," Gavin said. “He’d meet me at that door and want to go with daddy and wanted to be a part of me going with me.”

Jarron Guy said his father’s strong character on and off the job heavily influenced his decisions to blaze his own trail in law enforcement.

“It’s always been a dream," Jarron said. “I’ve always talked about it since I was young riding around in a patrol car with my father.”

Gavin said he’s always thought his son had the character it takes to be a great officer but wanted him to discover the desire to do it on his own, and he’s glad he did.

“It’s a career and a path that he’s chosen to take," Gavin said. “That’s one thing I instilled in him. I told him, ‘You don’t do it for me. You’ve got to do it for yourself and you’ve got to have it in your heart. You’ve got to have passion for it to want to help people.'”

Jarron expressed his gratitude for his father’s consistent influence as both a father and role model.

“I’d tell him thank you, I’d tell him that if it wasn’t for him and him pushing me as hard as he did, I wouldn’t be here. It would still be just a dream,” said Jarron.

Gavin said as a father, he couldn’t be more proud.

“I said, ‘I’m proud of you, you finished what you started,’ and he always has," Gavin said. “When he starts, he’s always finished and it’s just one of those proud dad moments to see him wanting to do it.”

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