Pine Belt residents take advantage of after-Christmas sales

Pine Belt residents take advantage of after-Christmas sales

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Many Pine Belt residents spent the day after Christmas bargain-hunting at local malls and shopping centers.

Some people exchanged gifts or got refunds, but most of the folks we spoke with at Hattiesburg’s Turtle Creek Mall were checking out the sales.

Shoppers said they spent cash or gift cards to get that special after-Christmas gift.

“I’m using gift cards and cash,” said Asia Nelson, a shopper from Waynesboro. “I’ve just been going to Pink and Journeys, Aeropostale, basically, all the stores that I like to shop at.”

“Some of it was gift cards, some of it was cash,” said Kristen Ray, a shopper from Hattiesburg. “My husband’s grandparents give us cash every year, so we just came out to spend a little bit of it.”

Nationally, holiday sales were up more than 5 percent over last year, with shoppers spending $850 billion dollars this Christmas season, according to Mastercard.

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