Hattiesburg volunteers serve others on Christmas

Hattiesburg volunteers serve others on Christmas

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Food, songs, prayer and donations were all giving out in Hattiesburg to celebrate Christmas.

Things kicked off early Tuesday morning at the Fieldhouse where groups came together to host breakfast and devotion for the homeless.

One of the organizers of it said he was overwhelmed with the community support.

“The outpouring of love by this community, the Hattiesburg community is so appreciated," said Tango Down, a minister and volunteer. “The different churches, the different individuals, the different ministries, have come together to serve these people in this season of their life.”

Down delivered a message to the homeless community and he said the community he serves around this time of year could use the help, so he’s willing to do all he can.

“This community is larger than what people think, it’s what we call the invisible people, and these are people who are down on their luck," Down said. “Their sons and daughters and brothers and sisters and fathers and uncles and aunts and they’re in need.”

Down hopes he and the groups' efforts can become a great example for folks to follow in Hattiesburg and beyond.

“I just encourage everyone to find someone to love on this Christmas season. Find someone that’s in need and reach out love on them and help them,” Down said.

Lindon Green, a partner in the effort to serve the community on Christmas, said service is what makes the difference in a person’s life.

”If you serve others, that’s the blessing, the doorway that God opened for his blessing to flow in our lives and if we don’t serve there’s a little part of our heart that’s missing,” said Green.

And the serving didn’t stop there. People were able to get a good Christmas message Tuesday and get great food too. The Main Street Methodist church had a huge turnout for its annual holiday feast.

“It makes me emotional. It’s just amazing what happens and to look out and mean to look out not only to see not just grownups or elderly adults but children, teenagers sitting and visiting and learning more about people otherwise,” said Elise Cole, an organizer for the annual holiday feast.

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