Keith’s Superstore donates thousands to Children’s of Mississippi

Keith’s Superstore donates thousands to Children’s of Mississippi

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A locally owned company gave back this holiday season in support of Mississippi’s only children’s hospital.

Children’s of Mississippi is an empowering epicenter in Jackson focusing on every Mississippi child’s full potential.

“I’ve been a patient at Blair E. Batson since I was two weeks old. I’m 16 now. I have congenital heart issues,” said Bailey Sanderford, of Hattiesburg.

After four open heart surgeries among other medical procedures, Bailey’s grateful for the partners Batson is making through generous donors.

“My heart issues were undetected. I was sent to Batson, put on a ambulatory jet, sent to Cleveland for emergency heart surgery to open my aortic valve,” Bailey said.

She continues going back for treatment every few months. Bailey was able to be a part of Keith’s Superstore making a big impact as $31,000 was donated for the hospital’s growth.

“Absolutely incredible. This is a generous gift from Keith Co. It’s going to a great cause," said Collier Young from Children’s of Mississippi. "It’s going towards the expansion of our children’s hospital in Jackson where we are going to be expanding into a 340,000 square foot facility that we should be in by fall of 2020.”

“We have also signed on for a five-year pledge of that or greater," said Melissa Saucier from Keith’s Superstore. "Our monies from Keith Superstores donated to Children’s of Mississippi will provide a whole wing of five suites in which families can actually stay with their children that are presently being cared for in the NICU.”

Keith’s Superstores also donated $73,000 to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Saucier said that money was raised through an October fundraising campaign in which employees went above and beyond suggested efforts. Keith’s Store teams held weekend car washes, fall festivals, bake sales and worked on their days off to raise money for the children of St Jude.

“I think it’s amazing. I feel like it would be so great for more people to donate to help with this building project to give people like me that have surgeries and people who have to stay at these hospitals longer to have better lodging and for more doctors to come in and help out,” Bailey said.

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