WDAM previews hottest high-tech toys for Christmas

WDAM previews hottest high-tech toys for Christmas

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - We are all guilty of waiting until the very last minute to get those gifts under the tree for our tiny tots.

It especially gets tricky in a high-tech world where we don't even know what a lot of the gadgets on these wish lists do!

A tech expert teamed up with WDAM with a rundown of the hottest toys this holiday season.

The board games, blocks and plaid pajamas are played out, and now you’re left to wonder what the kids really have on their Christmas list this year.

“This year, it’s estimated that 70 percent of people have tech on their wish list,” said Jonathan Beyea, a Best Buy Computing and Camera Team Lead.

Beyea gave us a glimpse at high-tech toys taking over for the year 2018 and a little look at just what they do.

First up, touting fun, form and function, he previewed the Ryze Robotics Tello Drone.

“You can fly it up around the neighborhood. It flies out about 300 feet. They can snap aerial photos out there or take some video,” Beyea said.

The Tello Drone is kid friendly with an HD 360 video camera.

“They can turn it back on themselves and take footage or even fly it in the house right by the Christmas tree. You can get that great family photo of everybody gathered around,” Beyea said.

There are propeller guards on the device to keep the kids safe. You can fly this toy and land it right under the Christmas tree for just $99.

The hands-on fun started with the Nintendo Switch. It’s a gaming console the kiddos can play in the living room or on the go.

“The cool thing is these joy cons are removable from the console. These are good self-comprised units. You can pass them out and have people play with you,” Beyea said.

The switch features HD rumble which lets you really feel like you’re in the game.

Beyea said he plays it with friends himself.

“We just passed out four joy cons, gathered around the TV and went to town. We’re all kids at heart!” Beyea said.

The kids can give this adventure a go for $299.99.

Beyea then previewed a high-tech item you might be familiar with, with a new twist.

6th Generation iPad
6th Generation iPad

“The 6th generation iPad is perfect for the kids to play games on the go. For college students, it’s also a stellar device,” Beyea said.

“We can also split screen. If we have a Safari tab side by side with our Microsoft office. You can copy and paste things to and from tabs. If you get an email, you can just swipe that and you’re ready to go,” Beyea said.

The cool thing about the iPad 6th generation is now you can use it with a pencil.

Kids from kindergarten to college can enjoy the perfect high-tech toy for $279.99.

The last cool high-tech item we looked at was Apple’s HomePod.

“It’s a smart enabled speaker. We can control all our smart home devices with it. We can power on our lights, open locks, raise the garage door, and it also makes a wonderful speaker,” Beyea said.

After making a simple request, the sounds of Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas is You’ filled the large store with great quality.

Mariah can serenade you through the season on the HomePod for $279.99.

Whether you want to take flight with the Tello, swipe through the Nintendo Switch to find the right character, fiddle with the features on the latest iPad, or take a load off letting the HomePod do all the work, you have enough time to pick up these high-tech toys for your tiny tots.

“Grab some cookies, milk, and fire up that switch,” Beyea said.

Every day Bet Buy also has a different door buster. You can look for those sales online.

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