Columbia High presents Madrigal Renaissance Feast

Columbia High’s Madrigal Renaissance Feast

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - After learning music, memorizing lines and hours of practice all semester long, this Columbia High School ensemble is ready to put on a unique show like no other here the Pine Belt.

The CHS is presenting its first ever Madrigal Renaissance Feast. The old English themed production is one of a kind.

“If they’ve ever been to a dinner theater, its much like that," said Kimberly Walley, the choral director. "The difference is when they arrive, they’re going to walk into a castle 500 hundred years ago, be fed a great meal and entertained by the most spectacular kids in Mississippi.”

Walley said the students are excited to see how their performance impacts their audience.

"I think probably the most exciting things for the kids now that they’ve learned it is to see all of their work come to fruition because they have worked tremendously hard not just on the singing but on the acting, learning to be a team, to play off one another,” said Walley.

One of the students acting and singing in the play said she's proud to be apart of something so fresh.

“It’s definitely a new experience,” said Sarah Mason, a Columbia High School Student. “I don’t think we’ve ever had anything like this before. It’s really exciting. People have really only been able to go to a musical here to experience anything kind of like this. I feel like this is a new experience all together because they’re really part of it.”

Members of this tight-knit ensemble say the bonds they’ve made with individuals throughout the process of preparing for the upcoming performances have grown to be special.

“It’s just amazing how people can become close friends with each other by doing this choir stuff and all of this is just amazing,” said Kolton Sorrell, a student acting in the performance. “I’m really proud of everybody that’s learned to become friends over this bonding experience.”

They are presenting the show on Thursday and Friday night.

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