Open enrollment deadline quickly approaching

Open enrollment deadline quickly approaching

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The deadline to register for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act is quickly approaching. Health Help Mississippi is offering assistance for folks who haven’t enrolled yet.

The deadline is midnight on Dec. 15.

“Well go onto and we can help you with the online application, really quick process," said Samantha Wells, the project Manager at Health Help. “We just want people to go ahead and get that appointment scheduled so they don’t wait until the last minute.”

Wells said its important that folks come out and find out exactly what health insurance they’ll be eligible for.

“If you enroll now during the open enrollment period, you will for sure have coverage for the 2019 year, so again, we stress that people don’t wait until the last minute," said Wells.

She adds that because some accidents aren’t preventable, the best way to be secured financially is to have a health insurance policy that won’t absorb your income in case of an emergency.

“A lot of families don’t know it, but they could be one accident away from financial ruin," Wells said. “So not having that extra cushion, that back bone to help cover for those medical expenses can definitely hurt you financially and your family.”

Because so many Mississippians are getting insurance for the first time on their own, Health Help Mississippi provides tools to help educate those who need them.

“We do provide them with a health insurance marketplace consumer guide with different insurance terms and definitions to help educate them because a lot of people aren’t familiar with terms maybe used or how to effectively use that insurance if they are eligible,” said Wells

If you’re planning to take advantage of this open enrollment assistance, Health Help Mississippi can help you as long as you have your necessary documents.

“We just need all of your household info, anyone included in your household income, that information is very important as well," Wells said. “Also the social security numbers of everyone in your household.”

You can reach Health Help Mississippi’s Hattiesburg office at 601-264-8686 or email at

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