Pine Belt residents gather for Columbia’s Candle Light Carol and Clause

Columbia holds Candle Light Carol and Clause

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - Columbia’s Christmas display drew a massive crowd Friday night.

Residents of the town along with many visitors throughout the Pine Belt were impressed with the work the city put in to make the Christ mas display a reality.

Businesses were decked out with flashing Christmas lights in sync with holiday music.

So many attending said the downtown event was a memory they believe will last a lifetime.

“There are people everywhere. There are people that are laughing. They have candy and they’re going in and out of the shops and they’re visiting Santa Clause and it feels like we’re in the middle of a Hallmark movie," said Janet Breakfield, a business owner downtown.

“Man it’s just beautiful. This is just great. The businesses are decorated so pretty. The customers out here are excited. The community loves it and the kids you don’t see nothing but smiles down here," said Mike Lowery, a Columbia resident added.

Many believe the display could be the beginning of a new era.

“Usually small towns that go down hill don’t come back. Columbia is gonna be that town that comes back,” said Breakfield.

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