Wendy’s customers in Columbia upset after sudden account charges

Wendy’s customers in Columbia upset after sudden card charges

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - Wendy’s customers in Columbia were upset when charges that they believed were unauthorized were recently made to their credit card and debit card accounts.

“A lot of us have been finding out just over the last couple nights that we’re getting charged from Wendy’s," said Grant Pruett, a Wendy’s customer. “Multiple charges of times where we haven’t even been there. So much of this is adding up to 45, 50 dollars for some people.”

The Columbia Police Department released the following statement on Facebook:

“Wendy’s customers swiped their card, the machine would save the information but would not access the accounts to retrieve the money. Therefore, a charge for the merchandise was not processed until accountants at Wendy’s found the error with the server and had to manually enter each transaction at a later date.”

Tonya Lambert in Columbia said she’d been hearing about the charges at work and then charges were added to her account.

“I know 12 coworkers that this has happened to them just this week and the dollar amount that we’ve come up with, its close range between 200 and 300 dollars between 12 people. That’s just 12 people,” Lambert said.

The sudden charges caught several customers off guard.

“Each time it would be $7 for this one, $8 for this one and so forth, but it’s totaled up to 45 bucks just last night. Other people like I said have been in numbers of 50 and 60 dollars,” said Pruett.

He added that he thought it would be better if he was made aware of what the issues were so he could be in the know.

“Talk to the people here and let us know what’s going on,” said Pruett.

Wendy’s did get back with WDAM and released this statement in part saying:

“We recently experienced some connectivity issues at the Wendy’s restaurant in Columbia, Mississippi, which resulted in a system processing delay of payment card transactions over the past two months. While these are valid transactions in a secure payment system, we apologize to impacted customers for the delay in processing and any confusion this may have caused. Customers may call (866) 733-8320 with any questions.”

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