Students surprised with bikes and helmets for good behavior

Academy Sports and Outdoors awards seven students

Students surprised with bikes and helmets for good behavior

PURVIS, MS (WDAM) - Not one, not two, and not three, but seven winners from Purvis Upper Elementary School left school Wednesday with a new bike.

Academy Sports and Outdoors partnered with Purvis Upper Elementary school to host its 17th bike giveaway. The school wants students to have a sense of belonging and connection to the school and community and did so by awarding selected students that have outstanding behavior and show up on time to school with a chance to win a free bike.

Just four students were awarded a bike for having perfect attendance, plus three more students were drawn from a pool of scholars that displayed outstanding behavior for semester one.

Throughout the year, Purvis Upper Elementary will use the bikes as an incentive and reward for students.

One of the winners, Tyler Pollan, said that he was caught by surprise.

“I was really happy and confused because I didn’t know this was going on and I just heard my name get called and stuff,” said Tyler.

Tyler’s mom said that the family will be spending more time outside now that there is a new bike in town.

“Oh absolutely, he’s already an outside person, but yeah I’m sure that bike will be on the road,” said Ms. Pollan.

Purvis Upper Elementary counselor Cheri Smith said that attendance played a big factor in the selection of winners.

“Attendance is so important to student success, its a predictor at an early age if they are going to have problems later on their education,” said Smith.

Purvis Upper Elementary plans on giving away the remaining twenty-three bikes to good standing students throughout the school year.

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