Study reveals new harmful chemicals present in children’s car seats

Find out which car seats can be most harmful to your child.

Study reveals new harmful chemicals present in children’s car seats
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(WAFB) - You might want to check this list to see where you child’s car seat ranks after a new study revealed the presence of new flame retardants in some car seats.

The Ecology Center recently released these new findings, stating that while there’s been market progress, new chemical hazards have been identified in car seats as well as lingering problems with known toxic chemicals in most products.

The center said 83 percent of car seats tested contain toxic chemicals used as flame retardants, and recommended three fire retardant-free car seats offered by UPPAbaby, Clek, and Nuna.

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In addition, PFAS chemicals, used for their stain-resistant properties, were found in half of the car seats tested. These chemicals can build up in the blood, liver and kidneys, increasing the risk of diseases such as cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis, the center reported.

However, these car seats are expensive, and child advocates are calling on the Nation Highway Traffic and Safety Administration to update flammability standards to exempt children’s car seats, according to an Ecology Center news release.

The Ecology Center, which has been testing hazardous chemicals in car seats since 2006, says children’s car seats have been containing hazardous chemicals used as flame retardants and stain treatments because it’s a cheap alternative for companies.

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For this year’s study, the Ecology Center worked closely with Indiana University to publish a more detailed report of the hidden dangers in child car seats. Together they teamed up and created a peer reviewed journal called Environmental Science & Technology Letters, this included the first-ever report on the presence of a new flame retardant chemical found in North America products.

View the list below to see how your car seat ranks:

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