Columbia city employees collect Christmas toys for families in need

Columbia city employees collect Christmas toys for families in need

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - Several city employees in Columbia have been donating their time to make Christmas special for kids in their community through an annual toy drive.

“We’re out here at Walmart today," said Columbia Mayor Justin McKenzie. "It’s a toy drive, it’s a community effort to offer a little Christmas joy to those less fortunate,”

The employees making it happen this year are broken down into three teams to make things a bit interesting in efforts to motivate more people to donate.

“Right now we’ve got kind of a friendly rival going on with the police, fire and city hall, and the water department has teamed up with city hall to pull this off," McKenzie said. “You know we’re going to see who can collect the most toys.”

The gifts will go to families who need help making Christmas special for their kids. The mayor said if you know of someone who would benefit, signing up can be done with a simple form.

“It’s going to ask for some information including the contact information for the parent or guardian and we want to make sure that its okay with them that we also bring things to their home,” said McKenzie.

Some of the same workers who help collect the toys will also deliver them to the families before Christmas.

“We’re going to go out, we’ll have some police officers some fire fighters and so forth with us to help distribute them,” said McKenzie.

McKenzie said they’ve had great success in the past spreading Christmas joy and he’s excited to do the same this year.

“Each year we would have around 20 to 25 families that would reach out to us, and 20 to 25 families you know you’ll end up with 30, 35 kids on the list and we’ve been able to meet all of those needs,” said McKenzie.

He added that he and the city employees are proud to help serve and interact with their community during Christmas in this special way.

“Our citizens and our community, they employ all of us here at the city and we want them to know who we are so this is just one way we can reach out and step out into the community and say hello and get to know them,” Mckenzie said.

The city held a toy drive at Walmart in Columbia on Wednesday.

If you would like to help out, you can bring toys by Columbia City Hall until Dec. 10.

If you want to give, you can donate at city hall until Dec. 10.

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