MHP urges Thanksgiving travelers to be safe

MHP urges Thanksgiving travelers to be safe

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Around this time every year, travelers flood all of Mississippi’s highways in route to their Thanksgiving destinations.

“What people can expect is of course high volume of traffic," said Sgt. Travis Luck of the Mississippi Highway Patrol. "Our main throughways through the state will be extremely busy.”

Luck told WDAM that state troopers from Wednesday through the weekend plan to be out and visible.

“We will be increasing visibility," Luck said. “Troopers are going to be out, so we just ask that people help us out and obey the law.”

He said troopers plan to aid anyone in need of help.

“Troopers will be of assistance not only to enforce our laws to keep the citizens of this state safe, but to also assist motorist with troubles they may have,” Luck said.

In case of any incident or encounter with law enforcement officers, have your required documents when you’re traveling regardless of the distance.

“While traveling on the highways through the holidays, have everything that you would necessarily keep with you while driving: your ID, driver’s license, insurance cards, things like that,” said Luck.

Luck added that aside from buckling up, be attentive, text messages, social media and phone calls can wait. You and your passengers' lives are much more important.

“Distracted driving’s a big one," Luck said. “It’s playing a big factor in crashes in the state. We just ask people to be aware of these things. Cause we are seeing it more and more. Through the holidays is the worse time anyone wants to see a loved one get hurt or killed.”

The CDC reports each day in the U.S. approximately nine people are killed and more than 1,000 injured in crashes that involve a distracted driver. MHP said they want you to be safe and focus on the road.

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