Mississippi Polymer Institute celebrates 25 years

Mississippi Polymer Institute celebrates 25 years

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Mississippi Polymer Institute in Hattiesburg has grown into one of the University of Southern Mississippi’s most impressive assets. From product design, 3D printing to workforce training, the Institute has global ties, and Thursday the university celebrated 25 years of the Mississippi Polymer Institute’s work.

“We were born out of the polymer science department, originally, 25 years ago,” Director of the Mississippi Polymer Institute Monica Tisack said.

In that time, Tisack said it has the Accelerator, 19 businesses inside that building, 400 clients state wide and 800 global clients.

“We work with individuals who come in with an idea wanting to commercialize it, to multi-national corporations," Tisack said. We are all about trying to advance commercialization.”

George Hardin of Newell Brands knows that better than anyone. Newell Brands received an appreciation award Thursday morning for being Mississippi Polymer Institute’s longest client.

“We’ve been different names but we’ve been basically doing the same thing, developing consumer products and doing a lot of the research here in Hattiesburg in design and development in partnership with MPI,” Hardin said.

MPI has new partnerships. The new product is called DeGoo.

“Angie {Yonce} and her husband developed hand cleaner that works better than what is commercially available," Tisack said. "It works on odors, transmission oil, whatever you get on your hands, skunk even is the latest thing. We are helping her scale it up and commercialize it.”

Tisack said you don’t have to wait for another anniversary celebration or be in the market to make a product to seeing what other innovations are coming out of the Polymer Institute, it’s open to tours for all visitors.

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