Laurel PD Welcomes two new officers

Laurel PD Welcomes two new officers

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - The Laurel Police Department already seems to have a great reputation throughout the community.

“They’ve kept an eye on things for us over the years. They’ve responded to stuff really quick when we needed them. They’ve been real good to us,” said Sean Lubin, a Laurel resident.

“They do their job. They’re a fine police department. They’re always present in Laurel every time I’ve been in Laurel. I’ve worked in Laurel 34 years I see them patrolling the streets out regularly doing their job,” said Lonnie Cook, another Laurel resident.

Now two new faces will add more presence to Laurel’s police force.

“Professional, knowledgeable, and people you can feel comfortable around,” Laurel Police Chief Tyrone Stewart said.

Stewart said they are excited about their newest additions. He described them as people of character.

“These officers, they have that, diverse personality where they can talk to anybody,” said Stewart.

The pair came just in time for the department, but they’re expecting to bring in three more in the coming months.

“We’re excited," Stewart said. “Right now, we’re at 52 officers. We’re budgeted for 55. We’re going to bring on three other officers after the first of the year where we’ll send them to the academy.”

Stewart pointed out that these officers come with experience, but he’s not opposed to bringing on officers new to law enforcement. There’s a benefit to them both.

“You always love to bring on experienced veteran officers, but its also good to take somebody who doesn’t have training and bring them in and train them the right way,” said Stewart.

Before residents of Laurel get to see the new faces patrolling the area, there’s a training process.

“They came with other training. But they will be with the two training officers for about 6 weeks then they’ll be on their own,” Chief Stewart said.

Stewart said they are great resources he trusts will uphold the mission of the Laurel Police Department.

“We’re going to continue to keep the city of Laurel safe with a low crime rate by any means necessary,” said Stewart.

If anyone is interested in joining the Laurel Police Department, they must take a civil services test given by Laurel PD early next year.

If someone is already certified, they can just apply at the human resources office in Laurel’s City Hall on the third floor.

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