Lamar Co. Lifeguard Ambulance Service acquires life-saving drug

Lamar Co. Lifeguard Ambulance Service acquires life-saving drug

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - With TXA formally called tranexamic acid in their medical tool kit, the Lamar County Lifeguard Ambulance Service will now be able to combat major internal bleeding in trauma patients. The ambulance service received the drug in late October.

“Our met control physician had done some studies and some research and decided that this area would be good to try to use this drug," said Lamar County EMS chief of operations, Ben Sones.

The first to obtain TXA in the southern region of Mississippi, Sones says it was originally used in the military and air services, but now it’s making its way to the general public.

“We had to apply through the state," Sones said. “We had to put in an application with the state department of EMS to request the drug.”

To administer the drug, the patient has to meet certain criteria before the paramedic can use it.

“If someone has an external cut, they can put a bandage on it,” Sones said. “If it’s something internal, then this drug will help with internal bleeding.”

With a lot of rural land to cover in Lamar County, the IV administered drug will assist Lifeguard Ambulance Service when they encounter a trauma patient more than 45 minutes outside of a center.

“It’s a real good drug to have especially in the southern part of the county like Baxterville area if you’re unable to have a helicopter land to pick up someone with severe injuries then they give this drug and it will help until they get to the hospital where they can have more infinitive care from a physician or surgeon to stop the bleeding,” said Sones.

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