Alternatives to build your immune system, fight flu

Alternatives to build your immune system and fight flu

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Many people are beginning to get the flu shot as this flu season is approaching, and for some it’s already here.

Jessica Bowman visited Wildflower Wellness in Hattiesburg to learn about an alternative option if you do not receive the flu vaccination.

“The CDC says you have to have it. We can’t really say you should not get one, but you cannot be forced to take a flu shot,” said Kirby Thompson, who specializes in Naturopathic Medicine.

But some are opting out of getting the shot. Thompson said there is no substitute for the flu shot, but there are alternatives with a key message of building your immune system.

“There are a lot of different immune herbs, like elderberry," Thompson said. "Lobelia and anti-viral also are great. There are also some homeopathics that actually seem to be quite great.”

Homeopathic medicines work to restore healing and decrease susceptibility to disease. The ingredients come from single substances found in nature such as plants, minerals or animal sources.

“A couple of the most common ones are, this one is called the Flu Milieu and this one is called the Flu Care,” Thompson said.

You can use some of the options for preventative measures, others for once you are ill.

“The theory is you take this once a day during flu season and then if you start to get symptoms of the flu you would take that then once every fifteen minutes for the first two hours and then continue on a regular dose,” Thompson said.

Physicians from Merit Health Medical Group said preventative measures such as getting the flu shot and washing your hands can help to reduce the spread of the flu. Ultimately, it’s your decision.

You can learn more about Merit Health Medical Group by visiting their website. You can also learn more about Naturopathic Medicine at Wildflower Wellness' Facebook page.

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