Nora Davis Magnet School gets parents ready for testing

Nora Davis Magnet School gets parents ready for testing

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - The parents became the students Monday evening in the auditorium of Nora Davis Magnet School in Laurel.

“We’re strengthening students reading skills,” said Kristen Wells, Mississippi Department of Education Assistant State Literacy Coordinator.

Teachers waited at seven booths to teach and show parents different techniques they can use at home to take their kids reading and learning skills the next level.

“Knowing this stuff, I am able to have my daughter prepared for things," said Nora Davis parent Caroline Adams. “So, it won’t surprise her when she sees it on the test. She will feel more confident.”

According to kindergarten teacher Kalea Thigpen, by the parents seeing how to help their kids learn at home, this will translate into higher scores on the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Exam that they will take next year.

“Sixty-six percent of our kindergarten students met their 530 bench mark that was mandated by the state,” Thigpen said.

But Principal Kiana Pendelton said with the parents help their young students will surpass that number next year.

“So, we are very excited about those scores," Pendleton said. “We have a lot of area for opportunity. A lot of room for growth, but we are confident that those scores will get even higher at the end of the year.”.

The principal and teachers of Nora Davis weren’t alone in their effort to prepare parents. Representatives from the Mississippi Department of Education showed parents strategies to help students.

“We want to make sure we’re here to give information about the K-readiness assessment and ensure that parents are given demonstrations and discover activities they can use at home with their students,” said Kristen Wells, assistant state literacy coordinator for the Mississippi Department of Education.

Pendelton said parents were given their students' scores from the first assessment exam from this year so they can identify their students strengths and weaknesses.

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