Richton Rebels make history hosting first playoff game

Richton Rebels make history hosting first playoff game

RICHTON, MS (WDAM) - A community-wide event just for one special team: The Rebels.

Richton and its community came together for a Rebel party Thursday night to kick off the events leading up to the first playoff to be played on Richton soil against the Heidelberg Oilers.

The game will begin on Friday at 7 p.m. at Richton High School. The Rebels gathered to celebrate the upcoming game with the community. It included a bonfire, music and more fun with the team.

Head coach of the Richton Rebels, Coach Stephen Rice, says that this time is critical for his team.

“The town is excited, we have a lot of people asking what they can do around the stadium to get things ready for a pregame meal,” said Rice. “This is one of those towns everyone loves living in. This is something that is definitely putting us on the map."

Rice said that the football team does more than play football by representing the community on and off the field.

“You don’t only represent your family and your school, but you represent this town as well,” said Rice.

Frank Jones, a former member of the Richton Rebel football team in the 1950’s, said that the support in Richton doesn’t come by surprise and the team will always be heavily supported.

“When the football season comes on they are there and they always come and support, win or lose we still gone be there with those guys,” said Jones.

Richton School District Superintendent Clay Anglin said that the team is supported and backed by the community 100 percent.

“In the past, we’ve been noticed as a basketball and baseball school," Anglin said. “So this is really important to our fans, community and kids.”

Players from the team say that events like the bonfire and seeing support from so many people really helps to prepare for such a big game.

Last year, the Richton Rebels finished with an overall record of 2-9 and 1-3 in district play. This year the team is carrying an overall 7-3 record and have won three games in the district.

Next up, Friday the Rebels will take on the (4-7) Oilers in the playoffs.

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