Forrest Co. Sheriff’s Dept. offers Halloween safety tips

Forrest Co. Sheriff’s Dept. offers Halloween safety tips

GLENDALE, MS (WDAM) - Kids are enjoying or getting ready for some Halloween fun and fright. Forrest County Sheriff Department Investigator John Tryner offered some safety tips to make sure parents' little gremlins and goblins have a safe time trick or treating.

Tryner’s first tip is aimed at drivers.

“If you have any type of electronic device we would encourage you to put that away so you can focus all of your attention on the roadway, because pedestrian traffic will be a lot heavier,” Tryner said.

Tryner said parents and kids should be cautious of the road as well, only crossing the road at intersections and well-lit areas. Tryner said when trick-or-treaters finally make it to a house for the for the goal of candy, don’t eat it until parents can take a look.

“We would encourage parents to have their kids to only collect candy that has been commercially wrapped, and then also to wait until they get home to have their parents inspect that candy to make sure that the wrapping hasn’t been tampered with,” Tryner said.

Lastly, he said always keep your children where you can see them, and be aware of your surroundings.

Tryner added if you plan on sending your child with others to trick-or-treat, make sure they are going with a responsible adult.

For costumes, he said make sure masks do not impair the vision or hearing. He said you can also make costumes visible by adding reflective tape, or have your kids carry a glow stick or flashlight.

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