Salem Opry House provides food, love for the soul

7 On the Road - Salem Opry House

COLLINS, MS (WDAM) - What started out as a school years ago for students in Collins, now serves people all across the Pine Belt. For nearly 10 years, the Salem Opry House has served up southern inspired cuisine to residents near and far.

“The school was built roughly in the 1920s,” said Salem Opry House co-owner, Kevin Rogers. “The actual classrooms burned in 1957.”

According to Rogers, after the school burned down, the building went through several changes.

“It was a hay barn for a little while, it was a disco for a little while and then they had blue grass and gospel singing for probably about eight years,” he said.

Even though the building has evolved over time, when residents come in they are still reminded of the Salem Consolidated High School.

“Well, my wife’s great grandfather donated this land for the county to build a school on and it’s went through several hands since then, but it’s ended up back in ours, back in the families,” said Rogers.

Hand-cut steaks and farm fresh fish are just some of the favorites at the family-friendly establishment besides desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth.

“My wife makes the bread pudding and it’s phenomenal,” she said.

The family-owned and operated business brings patrons like Sherry Stringer from Taylorsville.

“Once a week, every Thursday night, if we can," said Stringer.

That’s how often Stringer and her family visit Salem Opry House. But, it’s not the only thing that keeps them coming back for more.

“They (are) all friendly," said Stringer of the owners and staff. “They (are) real friendly to us."

Employees echo the same sentiments of a family-friendly environment causing people to love the establishment.

“Yes, we have a good time here," said server Kelli Magnuson. “We all get along great and even our customers are our family here.”

For Kevin and Monica, it’s also the customers as well as the employees that keep them going every single day.

“That would be my favorite part is the customers and the employees, because their all like family to us,” said co-owner Monica Rogers.

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