Petal School District holds cyber security seminar

Petal School District holds cyber security seminar

PETAL, MS (WDAM) -The Petal School District hosted a cyber security seminar to inform parents of ways they can help ensure their kids stay safe. They addressed a wide variety of issues.

“Dangers online, things they find online, bank accounts, the laws,” said Jay Houston, a chief cybercrime investigato with the Mississippi Attorney General’s office.

The seminar was a way to address the dangers that may slip through the cracks due to a generation gap.

“We want the parents to be knowledgeable what to look for on kids’ phone or computers, just because of all the stuff that’s out there on the internet,” said Petal School District’s Chief of Police Gavin Guy.

Andy Schoggin with the Petal School District said the district’s roll in education over the years has evolved to teaching parents as well.

“We’ve realized that as social media applications have evolved, that its really become recumbent upon us to offer some information and training to our parent and or students of the many positives that are associated with social media but also the dangers they may not be aware of,” Schoggin said.

Kids in this generation grew up with technology that their parents aren’t savvy with.

“A lot of parents don’t know whole lot about social media or the internet. Use that as an avenue to talk to your kids and build a better relationship and watching what they’re doing online,” said Houston.

Houston said parents need to be able to investigate with their own knowledge sometimes, so he wanted to equip them with the tools.

“Sometimes kids will not always be as honest and we’re going to show parents how to maybe look at their phone, look at some apps they may have downloaded and deleted, and reinstalled when their parents weren’t around,” Houston said.

He adds that transparency between kids and their parents is key.

“The biggest thing that we can say is what our parents and grandparents have been telling us for years, sit down and talk to your kids about apps that their downloading,” said Houston.

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