Seminary schools hold suicide prevention rally

Seminary suicide prevention rally

SEMINARY, MS (WDAM) - Students and staff and the Seminary schools had one goal in mind on Wednesday, and that was suicide prevention.

The staff held an assembly with guest speakers and organized a march to raise awareness of suicide. Seminary’s head basketball coach Megan Clark in Seminary talked to us about their goal.

“Its prevention for suicidal thoughts. It’s also support for those who lost loved ones due to suicide," said Megan Clark, one of Seminary’s head basketball coaches.

She said the problem hits home for her and her students.

“I had some kids that actually experienced it and you have some kids that come up to you and say, “hey, I may have been cutting my wrists and I feel like this, I feel like that,'” Clark said.

Seminary Middle School Principal Caprice Smalley said it was a key issue parents wanted fixed when he first began his work at the district.

“When I first got here the parents talked to me about bullying and the number of suicides that happened here in the past, and from that day I said not on my watch," Smalley said. “We’re going to do everything we can to prevent that from happening again.”

Clark, a key organizer in the event, said she wanted to help fix the problem that she sees happen too often.

“Across the years there have been as many as five that have been associated with Seminary," Clark said. “Just Seminary alone, I don’t know about the county itself, but I do know that it’s a real touchy situation for this community.”

Another teacher in the district recalls the feeling she got when getting the news of one of her students dying by suicide.

“You can’t put that feeling into words," Morgan Sanford said. "It’s a sickening feeling and its like your heart falls into the bottom of your stomach.”

Adele Bryant, a student at Seminary, said her first encounter with suicide was as early as the second grade.

“My dad checked me out and he told me that one of my close friends, that a family friend had committed suicide,” Bryant said.

The message in Seminary was made clear today.

“As an educator I would like for anyone, all ages, no matter if they’re grown or a student, your life matters to someone and you may not know it," Clark said.

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