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Updated: Oct. 17, 2018 at 12:08 PM CDT
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Are you a college student looking to gain valuable on the job experience while working in a fast-paced environment? An internship with WDAM 7 might be right for you.

We are now accepting applications for internships in the spring, summer and fall. Below you’ll find everything you need to know to apply for one of our internship positions.

1. Students applying for an internship must send a Resume, and a Letter of Recommendation from one of the student’s teachers. The station must obtain, in writing from the College/University on letterhead, that students participating in the program will receive qualifying college credit. Please send all required documents to Dorie Stringfield at

2. Internships should be available only to students enrolled in a formal training program with a focus on broadcast, communications or related fields. The program should be restricted to educational institutions which grant credit for the experience.

3. The station must provide a written evaluation for each intern and conduct a brief exit interview.

4. Training that the student receives is for the benefit of the trainee or student. The person providing training must understand this aspect of the internship program.

5. Interns may train and do all jobs assigned, but they cannot be used to replace or do the regular job of a fulltime employee. For example, an intern may substitute on a studio camera, but may not be assigned a permanent shift.

6. Generally, interns must be in their junior or senior year in college, have a GPA of 2.5 or higher and must provide a certified copy of their transcript.

7. Internships are Unpaid:

a. Since the internship is unpaid, the intern must sign that he/she understands that the training is without pay and that benefits are not available. If the intern lives at home and is under 21, parental consent should also be obtained.

8. The learning experience will encompass a sequence of activities that build upon one another, that increase in complexity and promote mastery of basic skills. The students are trying to make career decisions. We will help them make good ones allowing them to circulate among the various departments where possible.

9. An intern may NOT drive a company car for company business. In addition, the intern may ride in a vehicle driven by another employee. An intern should never be asked to drive his/her own vehicle to run errands for the company.

Application Deadline:

*Spring Internships-December 20th

*Summer Internships-April 20th

*Fall Internships-August 15th