American Cancer Society hosts 2nd annual Men in Pink event

American Cancer Society hosts 2nd annual Men in Pink event

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The American Cancer Society hosted its second annual Men in Pink Event in Hattiesburg.

“Tonight, we are celebrating. We’re celebrating survivors and the money they’ve raised,” said Sheila Easterlin, a two-year breast cancer survivor.

The Men in Pink is a group of men in the Pine Belt who dedicated several hours of their time to support the fight against breast cancer.

“We have 15 gentleman that have donated time and effort to raise money to be in the calendar for American Cancer society,” said Easterlin.

With already busy schedules, the men honored tonight found time to make a difference.

“When you see them and hear their bios, they’re all deeply involved in the community," said Ben Burnett, one of the event’s organizers. "So, to take time away from their jobs and their other volunteer work to raise money and to be here tonight, it takes a lot,”

We spoke with a man in the group who said he was excited to serve.

“The cause is just absolutely worthwhile. Almost everyone knows someone or is someone who has been directly affected by breast cancer,” said Matthew Shoemaker.

A survivor who came to participate says she’s grateful for the men’s selfless acts of kindness.

“It means a lot as a breast cancer survivor," Easterlin said. “I’m a two-year-survivor and I just love that they’ve been raising the money, because without the research through American Cancer Society, I wouldn’t be here.”

The goals they’ve accomplished weren’t easily done.

“They’ve been working hard for the last at least six months raising money through their friends, family, sponsorships and a lot of them have done raffles and fundraisers. So a lot of work has gone into this,” said Easterlin.

They do work that one of the men in pink calls satisfying.

“Its satisfaction in knowing that we’ve gone a little more way in making a dent in meeting that need," Shoemaker said. “Meeting that financial need and the community need in increasing breast cancer awareness.”

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