Do Pit Bulls Make Good House Pets?

Updated: Oct. 8, 2018 at 6:15 AM CDT
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - We told you last month about more than two dozen people advocating for change in Parma’s Pit Bull Ban.

But does the breed make a good family pet?

“The breed can be a very wonderful house pet. I had one as a younger adult. He was with me for 10 years. He was a great dog,” said Northeast Ohio SPCA Executive Director, Jeff Kocian.

Kocian says Pit Bulls have the capabilities to truly be mans best friend.

“It was great with my kids, great with my family,” added Kocian.

But others in the medical field disagree.

“The medical studies in the last 10 years really overwhelmingly conclude that pit bulls are especially dangerous to children,” said Pediatrician, Laura Marusinec

Marusinec by way of facetime says they’re just too much of a risk.

“Not only do they cause the most frequent injuries but they also cause the most severe injuries,” added Marusinec.

Kocian says it’s all because how the dog was bread genetically - But says the aggression can be curtailed, depending on how they’re raised.

“As a general rule, if they’re treated like every other dog that they make a great pet. I certainly can attest to that because I had one,” said Kocian.

“The number one claim that pit bull owners and supporters have is that it’s the owner and not the breed. It’s how they were raised. Actually it’s no evidence that, I’ve looked,” said Marusinec

Either way it’s clear the breed isn’t going anywhere.

“Pit bulls are here to stay. There’s a lot of them. About 1/3rd of them that come into the shelters have some type of pit bull blood in them so we’re not going to get rid of them,” said Kocian.

“We all know not every pit bull is gonna attack. Many of them don’t, a lot of them don’t, probably most of them don’t - but if they do it tears a family apart,” said Marusinec.

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