Player of the Week - Richton senior Za’Darius Mitchell

Player of the Week - Richton senior Za'Darius Mitchell

RICHTON, MS (WDAM) - Za’Darius Mitchell touched the ball just six times on offense in Richton’s win over Clarkdale on Friday. However, Mitchell turned those six receptions into 223 yards and four touchdowns.

“We had a game a couple weeks ago where [Mitchell] scored three touchdowns and never touched the ball on offense,” said Richton head coach Stephen Rice. “It’s just a testament that every time he touches the ball, he can do something special.”

“He makes it extremely easy,” said Richton junior quarterback Dylan Favre. “I’ll find him open or one-on-one, he usually wins those. It’s pretty easy. Since he’s got hops, he can get up there. So, I just kind of throw it up and let him catch it.”

“[The] quarterback had a lot to do with it and the linemen,” Mitchell said. “Glad he had a chance to throw it up and the linemen just being able to block like they’re supposed to block, letting the quarterback have enough time to throw the ball. He’s throwing it great too.”

Nicknamed “Peanut,” there’s nothing small about the impact Mitchell makes for Richton (4-2). With teams keying in on the senior each game, getting the ball in the hands of “Peanut” can sometimes be a challenge.

But once he has the rock, get your popcorn and peanuts ready.

“Everything’s been harder [this season],” Mitchell said. “More pressure, really, because everybody knows what I’m capable of doing.”

“I think it’s a testament to his talent and his work ethic,” Rice said. “At the same time, even the games that he doesn’t put up the big numbers, him drawing double coverages has allowed us to run the ball better. It’s really helped us. It’s kind of pick your poison.”

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