Hattiesburg resident uneasy after multiple break-ins

Hattiesburg resident uneasy after multiple break-ins
A resident living in a neighborhood where two of the burglaries occurred said the break-ins are making her uneasy. (Source: WDAM)

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - In recent months, multiple burglaries have hit residents of Hattiesburg. On September 10 alone, the Hattiesburg Police Department reported at least five residential burglaries, multiple auto burglaries and made an arrest in a commercial burglary.

A residents living in a neighborhood where two of the burglaries occurred said the break-ins are making her uneasy.

“I don’t like knowing that somebody has the audacity to break into somebody’s home and go through their stuff,” said Brenda McIntosh.

McIntosh has lived in her home for 15 years, and she said recent break-ins in her neighborhood have her feeling weary. Her home was broken into last year in December, and reports of recent break-ins have made her concerned again.

“My fear is that it might happen again, and I might be home if my house is broken into and not being able to defend myself,” McIntosh said.

She said the last time it happened, it put her on edge.

“I wasn’t home," she said. "I had gone out for a couple of hours, came home and my back door was busted in.”

The break-in weakened McIntosh’s sense of security.

“Nothing was really taken of great value, but it was the fact that somebody had walked through my home while I wasn’t here and it was an invasion of my privacy,” McIntosh said.

When she recently heard that another neighbor's home had just been broken into, she went to offer support.

“I was at another neighbor’s house and that neighbor had text and said her house was broken into, so I immediately came to her house," she said.

McIntosh said the same thing that happened at her home happened to her neighbor.

“I don’t think she was all that scared," McIntosh said. “She was very angry that somebody had broken into her house and the same thing, I don’t think they took a whole lot of value, but somebody had invaded her space.”

McIntosh pays closer attention to people and traffic in her neighborhood now.

“After the break-ins, I find myself coming out sitting on the front porch, you know having coffee or going out in the backyard, letting my dog out and I stay out there and just look around," she said. "And if I see anything I’m definitely going to report it.”

She offered this advice for people not just in her neighborhood, but everywhere: “Come out side let people know that you live there. Let people know its your home," McIntosh said.

McIntosh also advised people to stay in touch with all of your neighbors to let them know what’s going on so they can be vigilant.

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