Lamar County doctor offers insight to fibromyalgia

Lamar County doctor offers insight to fibromyalgia

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - There are more than three million people in the United States dealing with pain throughout their body, muscle tenderness and constant fatigue with no cure in sight.

According to Southern Medical Care family physician Dr. Lara Otaigbe, fibromyalgia is in a class of difficult medical problems.

“We really don’t know what causes it. We think it may be related to the nervous system or the muscular skeletal system or a combination of both,” Otaigbe said.

Otaigbe said patients say the pain of fibromyalgia is widespread through the body, and that’s just one of the symptoms.

“Like fatigue, brain fog, sleeping but not feeling rested when they wake up, muscle aches or body aches,” Otaigbe said.

Otaigbe explained diagnosing fibromyalgia is a process of elimination.

“Typically, we have a process of blood tests and physical exams that we would do, mainly to be sure that we are not dealing with anything else that could be potentially more devastating,” Otaigbe said.

Otaigbe said with there being no cure, patients can only work with their doctor to find medications and techniques to cope.

“Massage therapy is a great option just because some of the problems that are associated with fibromyalgia cause muscle spasms and tightening,” Otaigbe said.

But, Otaigbe said for anyone who thinks they may have fibromyalgia, the main course of action should be to find a doctor that is willing to hear you out and get to the root of your pain.

Otaigbe added if you have fibromyalgia, make sure you are eating a clean diet, limit your sugar and try to get adequate sleep.

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