Pine Belt family remembers murder victim

Pine Belt family remembers murder victim

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - It has been more than two years and the family of Clayton Bexley is still mourning the death of the 22-year-old, who was murdered. Although it’s been a while since his death Shirley Sylvester still vividly remembers getting the news of her nephew’s death.

“When I was told about he was shot in the back of the head, I could just see images and pictures, which I have seen now in the courtroom and still I’m having problems with the images, you know,” Sylvester.

Bexley’s family members say it was devastating experience to get that kind of news.

“It was very devastating. Actually, I was at the hospital because I didn’t get word of it until the 15th, and that was the day my smallest grand baby was born,” Sylvester said. “We were just waiting for her when I got the call.”

It’s a day she’ll never forget. Sylvester said the news made the birth of her youngest granddaughter bittersweet.

“I was at the hospital waiting for something so sweet to be born, and then to find out something so sweet had been taken from us, it was like God gave us a life but a life had to be took,” Sylvester recalled.

Although Bexley can’t be brought back to life, the family is pleased with how the state fought for justice in his murder. Bexley’s murderer, William Gillum, was convicted of murder, rape and kidnapping last week.

Sylvester said Bexley had his life ahead of him and Gillum needs to be held accountable.

“He was an outgoing kid. He just loved to fish and to hunt and sports. He was just one of the best kids you could’ve asked for,” said Sylvester.

Bexley left behind a son, who his family describes as a twin of his father.

“His little baby is adorable. We call him Cody and all. His name is Corlyn, but we call him Cody and all, and he’s just like him. He’s a splitting image of his daddy,” Sylvester said.

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