Pine Belt suicide survivor shares story on World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day observed in Pine Belt

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Brianna Barefoot is a suicide survivor, and she plans to use her experience to help others.

“It just got to a point where rock bottom hit,” said Brianna.

Suicide is a difficult topic to talk about, but Brianna is speaking up on World Suicide Prevention Day so her experience can help others struggling.

“I’ve shaken hands with the devil many times and I’ve kissed death four or five now to the point of picking myself up from vomit off the bathroom floor," Brianna said. "There was many times I knew that was it.”

Brianna’s mother, Michelle Barefoot, said that you have to be tough in order to deal with any type of mental illness.

“It takes someone tough to overcome addiction, it takes someone even tougher to sit here and talk about it," Michelle said.

While her mother flipped through memory books in their living room, Brianna said that she can remember the day she started to change.

“I would do uppers, or I would not want to feel something so I would do downers," Brianna said. “Whenever you start doing those type of things you start attracting that type of crowd."

“I tried to cut my wrists, whenever I did, I got so low, I did it,” Brianna said. “Boom, when I woke up the first thing I was asked was do you have a reason for living?”

Brianna described the question as confirmations similar to a wake up call. Brianna’s mother said she calls it purpose.

“The reason you go through these things, the reason I go through these things is because God is going to use your story," said Michelle.

Despite Brianna’s past or the challenging obstacles she has faced, she said that her life is meaningful. Brianna said her life can change someone else’s.

“I’m celebrating life because I know I’m here for a purpose,” Brianna said.

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