New technology provides early cancer detection

New technology provides early cancer detection
ABUS technology detects breast cancer earlier than a mammogram. (Source: Leggett, Karrie)

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - In June, South Central Regional Medical Center became the first facility in the state to use ABUS technology.

“Now, we have additional technology available for certain patients,” South Central Regional Medical Center OBGYN, Keith Winstead said.

The technology is called ABUS, or Automated Breast Ultrasound. According to Winstead, this machine uses ultrasound technology to see what a mammogram can’t see in women with dense breasts.

“Which actually gives us an adjunct to mammogram," Winstead said. “It gives us additional screening modalities to better penetrate some of that more dense tissue.”

Winstead said mammograms are still vital for cancer screenings, but with ABUS the ultrasound technology means earlier and higher cancer detection in patients with dense breasts.

“Mammogram in dense breast... there’s times you can’t see anything,” Winstead said.

South Central Regional Medical Center Radiologist Fred Vial said before he screens a patient with ABUS, they have had their mammography and received their letter informing them they have dense breast.

“Usually, we can image a single breast in two to three passes, essentially of the device, both breasts, six sometimes eight passes will take about 20 minutes,” Vial said.

Vial said the very first day he used the ABUS it produced life saving results.

“A normal mammogram, a dense breast, but you can’t see the cancer," Vial said. “We go to ABUS, which we did the same day, and you can actually detect the cancer. When you look back at the mammogram you can’t see it.”

Winstead and Vial agreed ABUS means improved and life saving screenings for their patients.

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