City of Laurel approves tax increase for road improvements

City of Laurel approves tax increase for road improvements

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - Laurel City councilmen approved their budget for the 2018-2019 fiscal year, and included in the budget is a 4 millage tax increase.

“A 4 mill tax increase averages about $40 a year on house that is valued at $100,000,” said Laurel Mayor Johnny Magee. “So, about $10 per mill per year.”

Magee said after receiving several complaints about the roads in Laurel, the 4 mill tax increase will be set aside in a special fund strictly for road improvements.

“It’s not something frivolous, it’s not frill and it’s not fluff,” Magee said. “It’s taking care of streets and it will strictly go for that purpose.”

The city has borrowed money in the past to repair roads, according to Magee.

“We borrowed $10 million about three years ago to do some streets,” said Magee. “$10 million does not go as far as you may think $10 million goes. So, that money has already been allocated.”

Magee said the 4 mill tax increase will give the city a steady stream of income every year to pave the number of streets that need to be paved.

“We will be able to put out a list to the citizens as to what streets are being paved, how much it will cost and how much your tax dollars are going to the streets," said Magee.

He said the city will start putting the road improvement projects together as soon as the new budget year begins on October 1st.